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As a user, I can find important items on the board by using the customisable "Quick Filters" above >> Try clicking the "Only My Issues" Quick Filter above
As a developer, I can update details on an item using the Detail View >> Click the "BP-13" link at the top of this card to open the detail view
When the last task is done, the story can be automatically closed >> Drag this task to "Done" too
Update task status by dragging and dropping from column to column >> Try dragging this task to "Done"
As a developer, I can update story and task status with drag and drop (click the triangle at far left of this story to show sub-tasks)
As a developer, I'd like to update story status during the sprint >> Click the Active sprints link at the top right of the screen to go to the Active sprints where the current Sprint's items can be updated
As a product owner, I'd like to include bugs, tasks and other issue types in my backlog >> Bugs like this one will also appear in your backlog but they are not normally estimated
This is a sample task. Tasks are used to break down the steps to implement a user story
As a scrum master, I'd like to break stories down into tasks we can track during the sprint >> Try creating a task by clicking the Sub-Tasks tab in the Detail View on the right
As a team, I'd like to commit to a set of stories to be completed in a sprint (or iteration) >> Click "Create Sprint" then drag the footer down to select issues for a sprint (you can't start a sprint at the moment because one is already active)
As a team, I'd like to estimate the effort of a story in Story Points so we can understand the work remaining >> Try setting the Story Points for this story in the "Estimate" field
As a product owner, I'd like to rank stories in the backlog so I can communicate the proposed implementation order >> Try dragging this story up above the previous story
As a product owner, I'd like to express work in terms of actual user problems, aka User Stories, and place them in the backlog >> Try creating a new story with the "+ Create Issue" button (top right of screen)
As an Agile team, I'd like to learn about Scrum >> Click the "BP-1" link at the left of this row to see detail in the Description tab on the right
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